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Featuring Resources in the History of Poliomyelitis in Canada

Produced by Christopher J. Rutty, Ph.D.

Polio History News:

NEW! "Remembering Polio" - CBC Radio One "Ideas" documentary - originally broadcast June 18 & 25, 2007 - More info here

NEW! Just Published! Harry Black, "Leone Farrell: Research Scientist: Mass Production of Polio Vaccine," in his Canadian Scientists and Inventors: Biographies of people who shaped our world (2nd Edition) (Markham: Pembroke Publishing, 2008), pp. 59-65 - More details here

Dr. Farrell's story is also featured in Rita Daly's article, "Toronto's Unknown Polio Soldier," Toronto Star (April 17, 2005). The story of Dr Leone N. Farrell, developer of the "Toronto Technique" of large scale poliovirus production, an essential step in the making of the Salk polio vaccine. See the article here


NEW! Research Report/ Poster: co-author with Jan Trumbell Waddell, David Butler Jones, Nazir M. Hossain, "Back To The Future: Poliomyelitis. A Public Health Scenario Development Project," Public Health Agency of Canada, 2007-2008. This project investigates the question: What would it be like in Canada today if polio vaccines had not been developed?

Special Features:

NEW! The History of Polio - Comprehensive text with image gallery covering the international story of polio epidemics, the development of both vaccines, the global polio eradication initiative and the challenge of post-polio syndrome - View feature here
"Conquering the Crippler: Canada's Role in the Fight Against Polio"
Image Gallery Highlighting 2005 Canadian Tour of the 50th Anniversary of Polio Vaccines Exhibit from sanofi pasteur (Connaught Campus). View Image Gallery HERE & The Special Fold-Out Exhibit Brochure HERE

This exhibit included a special publication entitled, Canada's Polio Vaccine Pioneers: 50th Anniversary Celebration: Publications Representing the Essential Scientific Contributions Made by Canadian Scientists of Connaught Medical Research Laboratories (now sanofi pasteur) in the Development of the Salk Polio Vaccine. View more details about this special publication

View article about the exhibit tour from Polio Canada newsletter, "Polio Historical Display Goes on the Road," PoliO'Canada Vol 2, #1, (Spring 2006): 2-3 (view pdf file here)

September 2, 2005 - Canada Post Launched Stamp Celebrating 50th Anniversary of the Salk Polio Vaccine - More info here

View Polio Canada newsletter article about stamp launch, "Polio Canada Makes History," PoliO'Canada Vol 2, #1 (Spring 2006): 1, 4 (view pdf file here)

Polio in Canada: The Epidemic Era

Incidence Statistics, 1927-1962

Polio Incidence in Canada, 1927-1962

Poliomyelitis Incidence in Canada, 1927-1962
(From C.J. Rutty, "Do Something! Do Anything! Poliomyelitis in Canada, 1927-1962," Ph.D. Thesis, University of Toronto, 1995)

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Other Canadian Polio Statistics:

Polio Incidence in Canada, 1927-1962
Case Rates per 100,000

Polio Cases in Canada, 1927-1962

Polio Deaths in Canada, 1927-1962
Deaths per 100,000

For discussion about the history of polio, and to share stories, memorabilia, pictures and resources, from the epidemics, to the vaccines, to post polio syndrome, to polio eradication, you're invited to join the PolioHistory Yahoo Group.
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